Hello, I’m Holly, and I like pizza, sleeping, a handful of people, and dogs.

I’m also a big lover of books (expect Ulysses, which was the bane of my life) and all things Disney. This blog is my little space on the internet.

The Blog

This blog is called holbol, because that is what my brother calls me and I wanted to call it something I wasn’t going to regret down the line. I hope to make this blog as versatile as possible. I will mostly write about lifestyle and travel, but I also love reading so I will throw in the occasional book review here and there. I also go through phases of obsessing over beauty, fashion, and health, so a few posts on those subjects might pop up.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

  • Hey Holly, this is great☺️ would you mind having a look at my blog? Currently I only have 4 posts. milliesmomentsblog.blogspot.co.uk