This is an old post but I wanted to re-write it and include it again as this was my first time abroad since I was twelve.
I went with my university to Amsterdam for four days, taking the ferry over to the Netherlands, but I had a friend flying from my home city to meet me. I had never been on a ferry before, until then, and I never want to go on one again. I was fine until the morning, but then when I woke up I was so seasick.

When we finally got to Amsterdam it was cold, windy and raining. The coach dropped us off in front of the train station and I saw a lot of people nearly get ran over by cyclists. Everyone got a tram to the hostel we were staying at by I had the bright idea of walking there. It was meant to only take twenty minutes but I got lost for about an hour and a half, somehow ending up in the red light district. I only managed to stumble onto the street by luck. By the time I got to the hostel I was soaking wet.
The hostel we stayed at was called Hans Brinker, and when I found out, I decided to Google it and what came up was “worst hostel in the world” which wasn’t reassuring, but it wasn’t that bad, minus the blood on the curtain and on one of the beds.
When it came to exploring Amsterdam I can’t say that I managed to do a lot of it because of the weather. My main goal was to see the Anne Frank museum but I never got the chance. I underestimated how popular that attraction was going to be. There was also a museum called Body World that we walked past but I didn’t take an interest in, but seeing some photos of it I wish I had gotten to go. But apart from that Amsterdam was a nice place to look at. The canals, the bikes and the cute cafes made the city look so pretty. I just wish I could have seen it on a nicer day, and that I had a better sense of direction as the street are also like a labyrinth.
We had an itinerary but I didn’t stick to it, the only thing I did was go on a bar crawl which was fun, but towards the last few bars a lot of people gave up and went McDonald’s, including me.
Having the bar crawl the day we were leaving wasn’t the best idea, as everyone was hung over and had to get on a coach and ferry, everyone except me and a few other people. I refused to get on the ferry again and so I booked a flight home which turned out to extremely stressful as the weather delayed a lot of the flights, including mine for four hours, meaning that I would miss the train that I had booked, but thankfully I got to Gatwick airport, which had its own train station, and managed to change my ticket, and then I had a four hour train ride home. I arrived at the Amsterdam airport at about 12:00pm and got back home at about 9:00pm, and I was exhausted, so my boyfriend and I just ordered a pizza and watched Beauty and the Beast.
 I would love to go Amsterdam again, and I wish that I had gotten to explore more, but I had pretty much gone there on my own which freaked me out a little since I hadn’t been out of England since I was twelve. But if I get the chance to go again I will definitely do some more exploring!
  • Might have to avoid that hostel if I ever get to go to Amsterdam. This was lovely to read, I love reading about peoples travels!
    I've just followed you on Bloglovin, can't wait to read more of your blog 🙂
    Becky; xxx

    • Haha it wasn't too bad, but I'm not a huge fan of hostels, they freak me out because of the horror films. It was really cheap though so I think that's why we stayed there.

      Yay! Thank you! I've just followed you too 😀 I'm looking forward to reading your posts! xxx