Bath Trip Photo Diary

So I went to Bath a few weeks ago. I had never been before and I expected it to be a pretty small place but it ended up being twice the size I thought it was going to be, and everything was uphill, which is not convenient for a lazy person like me. But Bath is so pretty! I didn’t get to take enough photos!




I didn’t get to take photos in the spa, but it was so nice in there! If you’re ever visiting Bath, I would recommend going to the Thermae Bath Spa. It has an open top pool which over looks the city and when the sun is setting it looks so beautiful!









Our hotel room over looked a graveyard, which I thought was cool. This tree looked really pretty and eerie in the light but this photo doesn’t do it justice.







Weird things I saw:

  • Many underage kids in a nightclub, although that’s how I probably got in without I.D.
  • Someone reading a book on the dance floor in that same nightclub.
  • A girl with what I thought had really nice hair and it turned out to be a wig. This was also in that same nightclub. Pretty much all the weird things I saw were in there.
Thanks for reading! Bye!
  • Love all of this, such a beautiful place! I like how original is that you put the weird things you saw. I'd have asked that girl how she could concetrate to read in a night club haha. Looking forward to more pictures!

    • Thank you! 😀

      Haha that night club was really weird. There were a lot of strange things happening in there!

  • Beautiful! I love Bath, it is one of my favourite places in England. There is so much to explore and so many pretty photos to be taken. x

    • It was so pretty! I really want to go again, since I don't feel like I got to see a lot of it, and I really want to take more photos!