Glasgow Photo Diary

A few days ago I went on a trip to Glasgow for the very first time! It was freezing and I ate my body weight in steak, but I managed to take a lot of photos!

I found out that this is the first House of Fraser ever and it is huge! It’s even bigger than the shopping center in the city I live in.


Went to the Willow Tea Rooms, where I had afternoon tea for the first time ever!







As you can see I ate a lot.


Obviously can’t visit Scotland without drinking Iron Bru.



Also got to go to a comedy club where a heckler who was about five foot got really agro and smashed his glasses on the floor.

This is also apparently a thing. This statue has a traffic cone on its head and whenever it falls off or gets taken down, someone always puts it back up.

We took the train home, and our train managed to get delayed for like 4 hours. But I got this pretty photo of my last glimpse of Scotland!


What I learned about Glasgow:
  • People in Glasgow are really friendly! Everyone I met there was so nice (apart from that heckler).
  • Iron Bru is a lot more popular over there than I expected.
  • Deep-fried Mars bars are impossible to find. Apparently, you have to go to Edinburgh for that.
  • Deep-fried pizzas are a thing, though.
  • Ahhh you're making me homesick girl!! So glad you liked my city, even if it was freezing and you didn't find a deep fried mars bar hahaha! There is a few fish and chip shops that do them, but it would be hard for a visitor to find now I think about it!

    That traffic cone on the duke of wellington is defs a thing! I love it haha!

    So much love,

    Anne //

    • Was gutted about the Mars bars. I heard that some fish and chip shops do them, but I couldn't find any. Found like a thousand Greggs though.

      Haha why is the traffic cone a thing? :') It's so weird but also hilarious!

      Thanks for reading! xxx

  • Great post 10/10 would read again