Ladies’ Market Haul

I got to go back to Hong Kong again this year and one of my favourite places to go is the Ladies’ Market, which is basically a market with stalls that sell fake designer clothes, bags, accessories, and all sorts of stuff. You can also haggle and try and get things for much cheaper than they are being offered. I’d thought I’d do a haul to show what I got from there and show you how much money you can save from haggling.

Here’s what I managed to find!

Original Price: £18 | After Haggling: £5.50

I’ve seen these kimonos on eBay and I know that they got for about £7 so I wasn’t planning on spending anything more than that. The woman selling it really didn’t want to budge so I was going to go to another stall since a lot of these stalls have the same things and she eventually caved, but since she was cussing me out in Cantonese she probably wasn’t happy…

“Jimmy Choo” Backpack
Original Price: £30 | After Haggling: £25

This is one of the fakes I brought. I don’t think think that Jimmy Choo even does bags like this. But I got this because last time we went Hong Kong my boyfriend’s mum got a really cute Jimmy Choo bag that I was eyeing but didn’t buy myself, and it turned out to be a pretty decent bag, despite being a fake. I couldn’t find the same bag this time around so I got this one which I still really liked. Despite being a fake its made of real leather and it has yet to break on me.

I got it for £25. Probably could have got it down to £20 or even lower, but the woman selling it was really nice. I realise that is probably how they get you, but after dealing with some very angry sellers she was just a nice break from it all.

Golden Egg Tooth Pick Holder/”Ash Tray”
Original Price: £??? | After Haggling: £15 – £5

This thing is the reason why you need to be careful in Ladies’ Market. My boyfriend got one of these for £15 and that was after haggling so who knows what the seller wanted for it originally. We went to another stall that had them and I decided to get one for my brother. My boyfriend asked how much they were and she said five pounds. Needless to say, my boyfriend felt like he’d been had.

We were also told that these were ash trays, but when you open them you can see that the inside is plastic. After Googling them I found out that they are actually just toothpick holders, so yeah, be careful buying stuff on Ladies’ Market if you aren’t sure what it is.

“Ted Baker” Bag
Original Price: £16 

 I didn’t haggle for this one. I think I got it for this price because the seller sold a similar bag to my friend. Anyway, I know that the original ones are about £30 so I wasn’t going to spend more than £20. I got this for my mum and to be honest, for a fake, it is very similar to the real thing. The stitching is probably a little off in some places, but the print is really bold and colourful ( you can’t really see that in my terrible pictures though).

Fidget Cube
Original Price: £5 – £3 | After Haggling: £2

These things were everywhere in Ladies’ Market. They’re meant to be good for anxiety and so I got one. I went to one stall where the seller wanted £5 for it, but I know you can get them on Amazon for £2 so I tried to go lower, but she wasn’t having it so I went to a different stall. The guy at the next stall wanted £3 but settled for £2 and his cubes were actually in boxes and hadn’t been touched by other people so I’m glad I tried another stall.

“Michael Kors” Bag
Original Price: ??? | After Haggling: £15

I got this bag for £15 because my friend had already bought two bags from the same stall and managed to squeeze this one in for my as well. I don’t know how much they wanted for this bag originally. I’m really impressed with this fake. They actually give you dust jacket for it, and it even has a lining inside.

For a fake, they have put a lot of effort into it and I’m surprised that I managed to get it for just £15 since it was one of the better bags (where the letters weren’t falling off the front). I’ve yet to use this bag yet so it could always break on me, but at least it looks pretty.

Lucky Cat
Original Price: £8(?) | After Haggling: £4

Obviously, I had to get a lucky cat while I was there. I think they wanted about £8 for it, but the last time I went Hong Kong I got a lucky cat for my mum for about £5 so I haggled about managed to get it for £4, half of the original price.

Leather Dragon Notebook
Original Price: £18 | After Haggling: £15

Got this as a present for my dad. I wasn’t even sure if he would like it, but surprisingly he did. It’s made from real leather and the dragon has been embossed onto the front. A lot of people that I’ve shown this to have liked it. Out of all the things I’ve brought I didn’t think that this would be the most popular.

Mermaid Shell Bags
Original Price: £28 Each | After Haggling: £27 For Both

These were so hard to get. The seller wanted £28 for them each, but I know you can get better quality ones in Topshop for about £30. It took me ages to get the price down. My friend had to step in and help. In the end, I managed to get them both for £27. I think I wanted them both for £25, but I settled. I bought one for myself and one for my friend, but it turns out my friend already has one…

That was everything I got from Ladies’ Market. I hope this has shown you that if you go to Ladies’ Market that you can haggle to get the prices down quite low and save yourself a lot of money! Haggling can be kind of daunting; when I first went to Ladies’ Market I left my boyfriend to do all the haggling, but I managed to try it myself this time around and it’s actually quite fun!

Thanks for reading!


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