Life Lately | Birthday & Disneyland Paris

Hello! I haven’t been blogging lately since I’ve been really busy. I’ve had so much going on and have things coming up so this is just a little update.

First of all:

I finished my dissertation!

After months of constant worrying, breakdowns and thoughts of scrapping the whole thing and rewriting it, I finally finished it! Even though I’m done it still haunts me. I had a nightmare that I had sent it in and was looking through it and found that I had accidentally left this huge chunk about Peter Pan in there. Even when I woke up I didn’t realise it was a dream and had accepted that it was too late and that it had been sent off so Peter Pan would have to stay in there.I’m almost done with university. After the Easter break I’ll be in the final hurdle. A lot of people I know are really sad about leaving, but I’m just like of kind …meh.

Next thing:

It was my 22nd birthday!

I had to get my dissertation finished early since I didn’t want to be working on it on my birthday so I got it done and headed by to my home town where I went for sushi for the first time and watched someone get arrested outside the restaurant (happy birthday to me).


I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to go! Nobody understands just how much. I’m going tomorrow and I can’t wait, even though I haven’t even started packing. I have so many things to do before I leave so I better get started.
Thanks for reading! I’ll have more soon when I get back from my trip!
  • Congrats on finishing your dissertation! It feels amazing doesn't it. Happy 22nd and have the most incredible time in Disneyland – look forward to hearing all about it! Immy x

    • Thank you! Disneyland was so good! I loved it! I want to go again!