Life lately | Graduating & Moving

Hello! I’ll start off by saying sorry that I haven’t been blogging these past few months! It’s been so hectic and I haven’t had much time!

So, what’s been going on?

I finished university!

I am so happy to be finished! I can read what I want and I won’t have to stress about exams or coursework ever again! Sure there are some things that I’m going to miss, but I am really glad that it’s over.
I also got my results back a few days ago and I will be graduating my English degree with a 2:1! I’m really proud since in first year I was like 0.70% off a 2:1 and then second year it was even lower so I was sure I’d end up with a 2:2 overall. But I tried really hard this year and I got the grade that I wanted which rarely happens! My dissertation also turned out to be the highest mark I’ve ever gotten which I’m so surprised about because throughout writing it I was doubting it so much!


I went Amsterdam!

To celebrate finishing university I went to Amsterdam with a friend and my boyfriend came along too. I finally got to tick off going to the Anne Frank House and Body World! I’ll do a post on Amsterdam soon!


I also moved house!

My boyfriend and I have moved in together! It took us forever to find a house that we both genuinely liked, but we finally found one in the end. The only bad thing about it is the amount of DOGS around. I would love a dog of my own so much but we’re still settling so I’m refraining from getting one, but so many people walk past my house with their dogs and its torture. There’s even a french bulldog in the house behind ours.
Right now I’m still trying to settle and get the house in order because there’s still boxes everywhere. I’ll try to blog more often! We have no internet at the moment, and I’m currently sat in the University library typing this up.
Thanks for reading! More soon!