Shanghai & Mainland China Photo Diary

Happy Chinese New Year! As well as going to Hong Kong last year in September I also took a trip to Shanghai and some cities in Mainland China and I never actually got round to writing about it, and I have so many photos that not many people have seen so I thought I would just post them here!











This is a statue of two babies. If you want to have a son then you rub the baby boy’s butt, and if you want to have a daughter then you rub the baby girl’s butt.













Weird Things I Saw:
  • Two guys in the middle of the road standing in their boxers, and then further down the same road a guy just surrounded by piles of clothing.
  • A guy wearing a t-shirt that said “Supreme Bitch” which my friend now insists that I try and buy him.
  • I get motion sickness really easily and my boyfriend got me these herbal travel patches that you stick behind your ear and I don’t know if it was them or because I was extremely tired but I started to hallucinate on a coach and saw a bush we were driving by turn into a dragon and breathe fire.
  • On the same coach I also saw Pinocchio, sitting on the headrest of the seat in front, just staring at me. I told him to fuck off and my boyfriend just looked at me, confused.
The whole time in I was in China I was basically just Karl Pilkington. I had never been out of Europe and everything just freaked me out.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!



  • Ha ha! This is hilarious! I'm going to Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing in March/April. I've been to Beijing before and I noticed all the weird t-shirts people wear too, but nowhere near as weird as your hallucinations!!

    • I want to go to Beijing so bad! I'm jealous! Haha I find it funny that there are people who don't speak Chinese or Japanese and get t-shirts with Chinese or Japanese symbols on them despite having no idea what they say, and yet the same thing happens over there :') I saw some really weird t-shirts!

      Those hallucinations D: never again! I haven't even seen Pinocchio!

  • Shanghai looks so pretty, I've always wanted to go there! and the last part was so funny haha, The guy wearing that t-shirt must've been so weird

    • The cityscape in Shanghai is really pretty! Haha, my friend really wants that t-shirt and I managed to find a version of it on eBay so that's his birthday present sorted.

  • This sounds like you got it easy in China! Trust me, this is nothing compared to some of the sights I’ve seen and things I’ve heard. I’m so used to all of it now that I just laugh at them (and sometimes with them). Would you come back to Shanghai do you think? Which was your favourite place? I’m wanting to take a day trip out to Suzhou at some point as I’m yet to go (even though I’ve been here for 8 months!!)

    Abs x

    • Holly

      Oh God, there’s worse things? I thought what I saw was pretty bad. I don’t really remember much about Suzhou, or any of places really. We went on a Chinese holiday, so everything was just a blur, haha. The tour we went on took us to all these places in two days. I would go Shanghai again, but I’ll stick to the central part next time!

      • Haha, sadly yes. But it’s not all bad and you adjust to the lifestyle eventually . Ah yes, being here over a Chinese Holiday can be painful because it’s so busy everywhere. Ah that’s good, I love Shanghai so much, don’t want to leave!