I’ve been pretty much a ghost the past few months (haha geddit?) and I don’t have an excuse really, other than I’ve just been really lazy busy.

But October is here now and this is my favourite time of the year! I know that autumn is some basic bitch/blogging cliche, but it’s the prettiest season and Halloween is my favourite holiday! My favourite emo kid Jemma has also been lovely enough to advertise me on her blog this month!

I’m going to aim to post at least once every week, maybe twice in October since I have a few ideas for this month. I’m hoping that actually announcing it to the world will motivate me enough to do it!

New post soon! Bye!

Around this time last year, I was handing in my dissertation. I know some people have a few months to go before they have to hand theirs in and some aren’t going to be doing theirs until next year, but I thought I’d share my experience with writing my dissertation since I can laugh about it now.

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