I know that Pokemon Go is pretty much dead and no one plays it anymore, but I started playing it again a few days ago because the second generation Pokemon have been released and I want a Cyndaquil.

I came across this book tag on the blog Read At Midnight and thought it looked fun, so I’m gonna do it! Let’s go!

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When it comes to books and their movie adaptations I almost always prefer the book. Like when The Hunger Games trilogy first came out, I bought the first book, loved it, and then brought the second and third book on the days of their release and read them within less than two days, but when it came to the movies I really couldn’t stand them. They cut out so much because they wanted to knock it down from a 15+ to a 12+ to make more money.

In most cases, movies that are based on books always end up cutting a lot out because they don’t have time to cram an entire book’s plot into two hours. However, TV shows have a bit more freedom since they can stretch on season after season, and there are actually a lot of TV shows that I actually prefer to the books they were originally based on. Here are a few shows that I think actually beat their book versions:

(I’ll try not to spoil anything, by the way!)

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