This is another old post I wanted to rewrite. This will be the last one, I promise! Like I said in my previous post I hadn’t been out of the country since I was twelve and I went to Benidorm, Spain. For years I had been wanting to go on holiday to somewhere with a beach again. I had only been able to go to coastal towns and cities in England, and I had been wanting to go somewhere like Spain again and so June last year I dragged my boyfriend on our first holiday together to Tenerife!

It was my first time booking a holiday and I had pretty much no idea what I was doing. We got a pretty good deal for a beach holiday in the summer which was convenient for someone on a student budget!
Tenerife is so pretty. It’s bright and colorful and the people are really polite and greet you when you walk past. If I lived there I would be pretty cheerful too though! We stayed by the Los Gigantes cliffs (pictured above) and our hotel, Lagos de Cesar, was pretty much on this long street which went by the beach and had loads of restaurants on it. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of the restaurants or food but we went to an Indian place called Bobby’s which was around the corner.I had never had Indian food before and it was great! We also went to two pizza places, L’Italiano, which was this cute restaurant next to Bobby’s, and we went to a place called Nino’s which was further up the street, and not exaggerating but the pizza there was the best pizza I have ever tasted, and the place was so cute and cozy and it overlooked the sea, and the people working there were so nice! Literally one of the reasons I want to go Tenerife again is to go there.
Even though I had wanted to go somewhere with a beach so badly, we didn’t really spend that much time on the beach. We mainly stayed by the pool of our hotel and ventured out occasionally. Towards the end of each day we would walk along the beach and throw pebbles into the sea. On arrival in Tenerife I didn’t realize that the sand would be black. The only problem with black is that it absorbs more heat, and so the sand was so damn hot that I could barely walk on it some days.
We also went on this pirate ship thing which took you out to sea to see the Los Gigantes cliffs and to see dolphins and whales, however this was the time that I found out that I am actually seasick, so I pretty much spent the entire two hours on the boat with my head down trying not to throw up (again). I did see some dolphins but I didn’t get the chance to take any pictures for obvious reasons. We also went to a zoo and I hadn’t been to a zoo in forever. I really wish I had gotten to take some pictures on both these trips but I didn’t get the chance.
Overall Tenerife was really nice, and my boyfriend and I had a great first holiday there together (even though, during the hotel entertainment, one night, he got dragged on staged and racially abused by a guy dressed as a pirate). I would love to go again!
Thanks for reading. I’ll have more posts coming soon. I’m not sure when because I don’t exactly have a schedule down yet. Bye for now!